On Golden Pond

It has been some time since I last posted in this blog. A lot has been going on and mostly good which I am grateful for this year. Tonight marked an end of summer and start of fall transition. Every year or so I habitually watch the timeless Oscar winning movie from 1981, “On Golden Pond,” featuring Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn, and Jane Fonda. I recall fondly as an 11 year old going to the theater with my folks sitting on coats to see in the sold out packed theater. Even today, 37 years later, I can clearly recall that moment like it was yesterday. The picture was timeless and the story resonates more this year with my daughter recently moved to California to focus her stem cell strengths on heart failure. Having traveled from east coast and to west coast, there is one thing remains the same. People need each other to care, grow, and together can make an impact in this world positively. I am so proud of my daughter’s a accomplishments and forever grateful for my parent’s part in this journey and those around me like the characters: Ethel, Norman, Chelsea, Billy, and countless other non-fictional folks along the way. To those that continue to take time to guide, mentor, and help me find my way towards a better tomorrow and future, I thank you. If you haven’t taken a look recently at this movie, I strongly suggest you do. There are so many lessons (old and young) about the imperfect human heart and opportunities to connect.