Inspirational Journey

In recent weeks, the polar vortex has again hit the nation and provided once again a shiver in the air touching the bones and muscles of all of us. The warm temperatures of the water along side the frigid air temperature provides a dense fog to encourage unity and team spirit.  Grateful for the powerful strength, compassion, and hope of strong folks joining together and sharing positive energy for a good quality of life.

I am reminded of the past year’s journeys, the prior 43 years, and transitions through times of grief, healing, and celebration.  There were countless unforeseeable challenges life tossed in the road or at the table and will be many more for sure. I am impressed by the incredibly warmth of generous hugs, smiles, time, hopeful hearts and souls, and positive power of team spirit.

As we enter this next transitional time of Thanksgiving, please consider the simplicity of your gifts of time that can be shared each and every day. We all have unique and generous gifts to share that are so impactful. I am certain that my voice is not grand and less than desired quality of tone for anyone with reasonable hearing. That being said, I am not afraid to sing and plan to share my journey with any and all interested through coming months in this blog.

Please take this time to remember the true sense of the holiday spirit and giving. Find ways to celebrate together key moments such as the joyous child-like laughter as a young toddler plays hide and seek in an empty box. It is humbling to see how simple and grand life can be and how we are all imperfect souls at large searching for peace in our minds, heart, and body.


Michelle Steltzer

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