Supermoon 2016

Tonight is full of brilliant light radiating from the moon.  In 70 years, it has not been so bright or radiant.  The face of the number 1 birth defect, CHD, parallels this theme.  With a lot of hard work, persistance, and growth through the years, families are stronger today than yesterday.  They must remain in the light at the forefront of conversations in health care impacting change.  

Our country (and myself personally) needed this radiant sign today.  Wrestling with the results of the election < 5 days ago and trying to move forward positively for the sake of the common man or woman, has been challenging hands down.  The passionate and demeaning words of the campaign on both sides have cut through the hearts of many leaving forgiveness hard to swallow.  This ray of light is viewed to me as a helping and healing grasp  with kindness, compassion, and respect.  

For the sake of our children and the future, we all must join hands and work together without judgement or ridicule of each other’s stance.  Please take a stance with me to ensure CHD, patients, families, and their issues continue to have a light shining on them and strong voices advocating for their futures.  Spread the word and share the message on behalf of our 16th President, Mr Abraham Lincoln, and the many that followed to ensure their rights for strong and quality health care are not forgotten.


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