February 2016

The final PDF of the manuscript entitled “Lifetime impact of Congenital Heart Disease on a family from the perspective of a third in birth order sibling” is now available.

In nearly 46 years, I have engaged and participated with my brother/family in a journey through a difficult disease process as a sister and nurse. Without pioneering research and resources for patients and family’s, he would have never made it so far in life. I am grateful to have had access to three fantastic institutions along the way to help guide the challenging process.

Through it all, it is the amazing providers working tirelessly hand and hand with families guiding the process to a better quality of life. The answers are not always clear to the questions posed. We do not always see the outcomes we wish for on the journey. In the end, the opportunities my brother had in his short time here were priceless gifts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for all that you do for CHD patients and families.

Ending with a quote from my brother, “have a Blessed Day!”


Click the link below to retrieve it.  Share it with whomever you think might benefit.

Lifetime Impact of congenital heart disease on a family from the perspective of a third in birth order sibling


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