Grateful for siblings

A Few months ago, Children’s Grief Awareness Day November 19, 2015 posted this Yoda photo highlighting death as a natural part of life and got my wheels spinning again, particularly with all the hype of the upcoming new Star Wars movie, … Continue reading

Reconnections, hope, and peace

This past weekend was a first reconnection since my brother’s funeral, death and countless visits to the Mayo Hospital and Clinic in Rochester, MN.  Last week also marked the 21st wedding anniversary.  As I ponder the events of the weekend, I am smiling … Continue reading

“Big” Champions with strong hearts

Today is January 14, 2015 and am preparing for another visit to see my brother.  Ten days ago, he spent his 100th day hospitalized awaiting cardiac transplant for his CHD.  Interestingly, thirty years ago on this exact day, he underwent his Fontan operation … Continue reading

My transition to adulthood: THE IMPORTANCE OF MUSIC

 Music:  Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul My most recent post highlighted the puzzle called life, began to shed some light on some of our family’s beliefs, spirit, importance of moderation in a healthy lifestyle-“Keep calm and carry on” and motivational ways that peace, … Continue reading